Personal Care Kits

The Social Ministry Committee will once again collect personal care kits beginning April 7th. Last year we collected kits as prescribed by Lutheran World Relief and donated them at the Synod Assembly in June. This year we are making a couple of minor changes to the items included in the kits and they will be donated to the First United Methodist Church for distribution at their Food Bank and in conjunction with their Free Breakfast Program. The folks at First Methodist were very excited by our offer of these items! Please include these items in each of the kits. If you would prefer that the committee shop and assemble on your behalf, donations for this purpose are absolutely welcome!

*Toothbrush multi-packs may be used by sealing individual toothbrushes in a business-size envelope.

Fold the towel in half. Place the rest of the items in the towel, fold and roll so nothing falls out and secure with yarn, ribbon, string or rubber bands.

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