June Special Offerings

The special offerings for June have been designated by the Congregation Council to be donated to Grace Place Campus Ministry. This ministry located at Northern Illinois University has a rich history of ministering to the NIU community in DeKalb. In 1957, Lutheran Campus Ministry began meeting with interested students at a property near campus for weekly bible study and fellowship time. From there, the Lutheran Campus Ministry worked with area campus ministries and parishes to minister to the NIU staff, faculty, and students. In February of 2008, there was a campus shooting that killed 5 students and injured 17 more people. Within a few days, Lutheran Campus Ministry became a place of refuge. The building was open around the clock for students and community members to begin the process of healing. Outside of the building, 6 crosses were erected, one for each of the victims plus one for the shooter, these crosses stood as beacons inviting everyone to come and begin the process of healing. In the following months, the leaders of Lutheran Campus Ministry and Canterbury House had conversations about how they might be able to do more together in a formal partnership than as separate ministries. Their goal was to be a place where everyone could feel the love that had been poured out. It was in these conversations that Grace Place Campus Ministry was born, a joint effort between the Northern Illinois Synod of the ELCA and the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago. When they began worshiping in the Fall of 2011, the six crosses that once stood as beacons of hope were built into the altar still being used today. A resolution was passed at the 2022 Northern Illinois Synod Assembly that spoke to the significance of this ministry and asked that congregations be encouraged to receive a special offering to be sent in support of this Lutheran Campus Ministry. Please consider a generous donation to support this ministry, the young people, and others who seek solace there.

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